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There is no lack of diagnostic centers in Bangalore, everyone knows that. But most of the places in the city do not hold up to the standards of an efficient diagnostic center. We recognised the need for a place that offers a wide range of quality services at reasonable prices in the city and as a result, came into existence Prima Diagnostics. First established in the most popular part of South Bangalore in Jayanagar, our center has managed to offer exceptional service ever since its establishment. Our main aim was to be the one stop shop for all sorts of diagnostic and digital imaging tests and services in Bangalore and we have done everything in our capability to achieve the same.

So what sets Prima Diagnostics apart from the other similar centers in Bangalore? Here are some things that make us different:

  • Hi tech equipment : At our center in Jayanagar, we are always changing and updating to keep in sync with the new technologies in the field of medical diagnosis. All the equipments used at our center uses the newest technology and methods to offer the best results.
  • Best professionals : We only have the best professionals working at our diagnostics center in Jayanagar. Be it the lab technicians, the consultants, the radiologists, the nurses, or other professionals, they are all skilled, well trained, and come with years of experience in the field of medicine.
  • Cleanliness and hygiene : We realise how important it is for a medical place that deals with patients to be clean and hygienic. We take extreme measures to ensure that our place is cleaned and maintained every day and also make sure that our staff maintain a strict code of hygiene to ensure no infections or germs spread around.
  • Efficient management : From booking appointments to delivering results on time and handling any queries, our management team ensures that everything is handled perfectly to the point.
  • Hospitable service : Every member of our staff ensure that you are made to feel at home and are comfortable when you are in our premises. We treat you as your own and understand how scary it can be when it comes to health issues. We promise to make the entire experience as comfortable as possible.

Services offered at our center

From the most simple scans to a complicated MRI, we offer every kind of diagnostic service at Prima Diagnostics Jayanagar. You will be happy to know that our labs are equipped with the best of equipments to ensure that we give you the best of service regardless of how small the service is. The doctors, diagnostic professionals, lab technicians, and nutritionists are all skilled and well experienced. Listed below are some of the services and departments we handle:

To make things even more convenient, we also offer a wide range of health care packages designed based on age, gender, and specific organ related diseases and ailments. These packages are priced at an affordable rate to ensure everyone has access to it.

Meet Our Doctors

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Dr. Gururaj Rao

MBBS, DMRD, DNB Managing Partner, CEO And Senior Radiologist

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Dr. L. S. Praveen

MBBS, DMRD, DNB COO And Senior Radiologist

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Dr. Sheela Praveen

MBBS, DCP Vice President Laboratory Services And Chief Pathologist

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Dr. Sandeep.G.S.K

MBBS, DMRD, DNB, (FRCR) Sr. Consultant Radiologist

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Dr. Sonali Sethi


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Dr. Shilpa T


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